Connecting with your Archangels and Seraph Energy

Angels are the closest to humans and are the guides and messengers of the Universe. In The Healing Angels of the Energy Field we will go over NINE Arch Angels and their gift of healing. From the angelic perspective there is only ONE angel, one consciousness whose joy is to obey God, Universe and bring god’s message to humans while respecting human self will. The human mind acts to the angelic realm like a prism acts to sunlight. A prism refracts sunlight into colors and lets your eyes see each of these colors with red over here, blue over there. The human mind refracts the angelic realm making it appear that Ariel is here, Michael is there, while they are not separate in the angelic realm.

Angels are always ready, willing and able to share the divine messages with us and to help us in our healing journey through life. They must however be invited to do so. Ariel says that prayer is the most powerful way to ask for this help. Angels will answer our prayers by bringing us help in many forms. They know our souls journey, whom you need to meet and when. Sometimes we experience the nudges as a door closing, a deal falling through, a friend ending a friendship, or simply bad luck when you don’t get what you want. But in reality they are a from of guidance and when we feel stuck, and we ask for help, they unstuck us and give us guidance.


You can now meet and work with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field:  Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael

Do you feel disconnected with your feelings and need support from the angels?

Do you feel lost and confused about life itself?

Do you live your life worrying with Stress, Fear and Anxiety?

Well then this is just the right class for youJ

Join today to connect with your Angels so you can know your soul’s purpose.

You will experience the 4 step process to connect with your angels

You will learn how to call upon the healing angels with a special prayer of invitation.

You will then learn how to use an angelic heartlink to connect with the angel’s energy.

You will discover the special healing gifts that each angel brings and you will invite each of the healing angels to support you in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey.

Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated 14 page Healing Angels Of The Energy Field Class Workbook and an official Healing Angels Of The Energy Field Certificate. The workbook contains an image of each Healing Angel, a description of how each Healing Angel can help you in your self-healing spiritual journey, a special prayer of invitation for each Healing Angel, and a space for you to write about the ways each Healing Angel can help you as well as a space to write about your perception of each Healing Angel.

Fee:  $180.00

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Connect directly with Seraph’s energy to support you and to expand your global message

The Seraphim are known as the highest order of the Angels, closest to the Universe, God, Divine source or any other name you may wish to choose as the highest source of Unconditional Love. The Seraphim Angels are the collective consciousness that assist in governing the universe and galaxies that is in the Divine order of the Universal alignment and flow. Usually the information comes from a Seraph, an aspect of the collective consciousness. A name is given to an individual Seraph as each Seraph has its own flavor of energy.

In early October of 2012, Manuela Puhlmann was channeled by the Seraph ADALIAN. In 2013, I was called upon to become the Teacher of the Seraphic Wisdom under the guidance of my teacher, Cynthia Smith of Seraphic Spheres.

The Seraph’s Love and Faith energy is a portal to the Angelic wisdom which helps in healing mankind Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, helps heal the karmic issues and helps heal United States of America and our planet, Mother Earth.

The Seraph’s Love and Faith

  Your portal to Seraphic Wisdom

Become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.

There are 22 initiations in this class, the energy from this Seraph is very loving and compassionate. Use the energy attunements of Love and Faith given to us by the Seraphim Angels to assist with healing and helping humanity and the earth.

An excerpt from the introduction to the course as it was channeled from the Seraph, who is the Guardian of North America:  “The American history is like a mirror for the power of new beginnings and the strong intention for new perfect solutions”.

During the workshop the SERAPH will lift up LOVE and FAITH for the participants into a higher level. With the initiations given by the SERAPH we will also have a jump start for activating serious new beginnings – for a sustained lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth. The Seraph is clearing karmic issues. He said, ” a strong problem for most of the Americans is the rootlessness and so he is helping us by healing the old roots and creating new ones. That is important for all matters of economy and science, and it is basic for all human relationships.”

Topics discussed and some of the initiations that you will receive in the Seraph’s Love and Faith course include:

* Channels directly to the Seraph

* Cosmic Hearts

* The Seraphic Pulse

* Wisdom of the Land and Clearing of the Native American trauma

* Energy flow between North and South America

* Difference between Light Spots and Power Places

* Seraphic Potential

* Connection to the I AM Presence

* Healing energies Practitioners can use for themselves, as well as, 
others in sessions with clients, family members

* Learn how to activate Angelic energy with confidence and 
 ease, a universal energy that is available to all who desire to use it

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Fee:  $180.00

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When you schedule a session you will be emailed 5 getting to know you better questions that ask about:

Background Information

  • What healing methods you have used in the past
  • Your current satisfaction with all areas of your life
  • Your Goals and Dreams